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Monday, November 21, 2016

Greenland Blowing Away All Records For Ice Growth

Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Forum

U.S. Tornadoes Lowest Since Records Began

Greenland’s surface has been gaining about 3.5 billion tons of ice per day since the first of September. This is about 50% above normal. This is occurring just as global land temperatures are cooling at a record rate. --Real Climate Science, 14 November 2016
Latest data from NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center indicate that as of today, the total count for 2016 of US tornadoes are fewest in a calendar year since record-keeping began in 1954. That’s a hard fact that flies in the face of claims of extreme weather being enhanced by warmer temperatures, as many have tried to claim. So, in the “hottest year ever” there’s actually the lowest number of tornadoes, ever. --Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That, 16 November 2016
Hysterical, in both senses of the word, is the reaction of greens like Paul Krugman and the Sierra Club to last week’s election. “The planet is in danger,” fretted Tom Steyer, the California hedge funder who spends his billions trying to be popular with green voters. Uh huh. In fact, the climate will be the last indicator to notice any transition from Barack Obama to Donald Trump. That’s because—as climate warriors were only too happy to point out until a week ago—Mr. Obama’s own commitments weren’t going to make any noticeable dent in a putative CO2 problem. What a Trump election will do is mostly dismantle a green gravy train powered by moral vanity that contributes nothing to the public welfare. A phenomenon like Trump, whatever its antecedents, is an opportunity—in this case to purge a rottenness that begins at the commanding heights. --Holman W Jenkins Jr, The Wall Street Journal, 16 November 2016

Democrats must know by now they are in a failing marriage. Wealthy investors like George Soros, Nat Simons and Mr. Steyer, who finance the party’s green agenda, have ridden the Dems into the ground, with nothing to show for their millions, and vice versa. On the contrary, the WikiLeaks release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails only dramatizes what a liability they’ve become, demanding attacks on scientists and even loyal Democrats who don’t endorse their climate-disaster scenarios. Their anti-coal, anti-pipeline, anti-fracking stance especially hurts Dems with union households, which turned out in record numbers for Mr. Trump. --Holman W Jenkins Jr, The Wall Street Journal, 16 November 2016

Let’s imagine that from here on out, every piece of literature used by the IPCC to further the narrative is published by ostensibly reliable researchers. That still leaves much room for doubt. The Global Warming Policy Foundation report says that “even if all the citations used by the IPCC were peer-reviewed, this would not mean they were infallible.” Donna Laframboise says science is plagued with an “reproducibility crisis,” meaning that published findings cannot be independently verified. She believes that “there is no reason to believe that the politically charged arena of climate science is exempt from” the problems found in other scientific research.” But the alarmist community isn’t interested in evidence. It is consumed with fueling panic and creating a climate of fear, and goes out of its way to bully those who don’t agree with its narrative. Rather than provide real evidence it traffics in condemnations, character assassination, reprisals and marginalization. Its members act more like a high-school clique than responsible and open-minded adults. --Kerry Jackson, Investor’s Business Daily, 11 November 2016

I haven’t had a chance to update this blog with anything related to the surprise (to me at least) at finding myself the subject of an email in the John Podesta email leaks from Wikileaks. That email revealed that an organization that was founded and led by Podesta, the Center for American Progress, engaged in a successful effort to have me removed as a writer at 538, the “data journalism” site created by Nate Silver. The multi-year campaign against me by CAP was partially funded by billionaire Tom Steyer, and involved 7 writers at CAP who collectively wrote more than 160 articles about me, trashing my work and my reputation. Over the years, several of those writers moved on to new venues, including The Guardian, Vox and where they continued their campaign focused on creating an evil, cartoon version of me and my research. Collectively, they were quite successful. The campaign ultimately led to me being investigated by a member of Congress and pushed out of the field. --Roger Pielke Jr, 14 November 2016


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