Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tom Wolfe Takes on the Scientific Establishment

by Larry Thornberry

George Orwell nailed it when he said that some ideas are so daft that only intellectuals could take them seriously. Intellectuals, as Thomas Sowell teaches us, are simply those who work with ideas. These folks, experience has taught us, are no better at parsing ideas than people in other vocations. To substantiate this gloomy evaluation we need look no further than how thoroughly the peculiar ideas of three peculiar men — Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Charles Darwin — dominated the thinking (if such it can be called) of intellectuals, artistes, and academics through most of the last century. With Darwinism, the melody lingers on even into this century, though we should know better by now.......

Of the three men, only Darwin’s ideas had a bit of surface plausibility about them at the beginning. But only a bit. Darwinism, which many with the show call science but has no experimental basis and is dealt with now like religious dogma, can be stated economically, to wit: A series of small, random, mutations with survival value brought us, in four and a half billion years, from the single-cell bacterium in slime to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Not a chance in the world................To Read More....

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