Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Observations From the Back Row: Appointments and Commitments

By Rich Kozlovich

Given the best information currently available should Ted Cruz - if offered by Trump - take a seat on the Supreme Court?  Interesting question since over this last weekend it was discussed on Fox News with the observation being made he really wants to be President of the United States and that would end that effort forever.  Well, let's explore this.

The current ages of the Supreme Court Justices are as follows: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83 and will by 84 in March, Anthony Kennedy is 80,  Stephen Breyer is 78, Clarence Thomas is  68, Samuel A. Alito, Jr. is 66, John G. Roberts is 61, Sonia Sotomayor is 62  Elena Kagan is 56,.

Currently Ted Cruz is 45. 

What will happen in four years?  It would seem likely Ginsberg will be gone and Kennedy will be 84, Breyer will be 82.  But Thomas will only be 72, Alito 70 and Roberts 65. They'll all be older and maybe Trump will be re-elected or maybe he won't.  If Trump is re-elected or not it that means Cruz will have to wait four more years and then he might then have a chance.  He would be 54 at that point. 

If Trump is re-elected surely Ginsberg, Breyer and Kennedy will be gone.  Trump will have appointed - hopefully - four Justices that believe the Constitution isn't a living document, says what it means and doesn't believe the Court makes laws.  However, if Trump is re-elected that means Pense, as Vice President,  will probably be the favorite to run in 2024, and Cruz would find himself running against a sitting Vice President, just as conservative as is he.  What would be justification for running?  Pense isn't conservative enough? 

So if he's really concerned about changing the direction of the courts and the nation does he accomplish that by staying in the Senate - if he can keep being elected - and possibly become the Majority Leader,  which I think is  unlikely, or take a seat - if offered - on the Supreme Court? 

If he does that he will be by far the youngest sitting member, possibly the brightest member, and changing the mix from four to four back to five to four.  And if three more conservative justices are appointed during his tenure - seven to two....think about that!  We'll see!

There's a lot of talk about Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State.  He's going to get the nod in my opinion.  He was on Hannity yesterday discussing all the foreign states he's visited recently, and that number was impressive.   I thought he would be a great Attorney General, but he's smart, very capable and tough.  Does it really matter what job he takes?  Does anyone really think he could possibly be as incompetent as Hillary or as delusional as Kerry? Given his success as mayor of NYC why would we think he wasn't qualified to be Secretary of State?  The real big first job for the new Secretary will be to smack State Department employees up along side the head and let them know there's a new boss....and he's not gonna to take any crap and they're going to do as they're told.  I certainly think he's qualified for that. 

There was talk of John Bolton and Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State.   I think Bolton is the most qualified by wide margins.  I wouldn't trust Newtie if he told me day was light and night was dark, especially when it comes to Global Warming issues.   We already know he's not to be trusted since he appeared with that lifetime member of the Club For the Galacticly Stupid Nancy Pelosi promoting it. His later renunciation of that ad is immaterial. 

It appears “The President-elect offered him [Carson] anything he wanted to do,”....“But in the end he didn’t want anything,”........“His background didn’t prepare him to run a federal agency.” I find that interesting.  So then why was he running for President of the United States? Nice man either way, and it's good to see someone as successful as he is to be that self effacing.

Who would I pick for Attorney General?  Judge Jeanine Pirro.  Just as tough as Giuliani, just as smart - maybe smarter - and will not tolerate fools lightly.  Hillary and the Clinton Foundation will be toast if she's there.

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