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Monday, November 28, 2016

How to Steal an Election in Seven Easy Steps – A Lesson from the Clinton Playbook

By Al Kaltman

Hillary Clinton was clearly devastated by her defeat on November 8. She was in such a state of shock that she was unable to speak to her supporters that night. She had devoted her entire life to achieving one goal—the presidency of the United States. She had suffered countless humiliations from her husband’s womanizing and predatory sexual practices. She had obsequiously served Barack Obama, the man who had dashed her hopes of becoming president in 2008, when a Democratic victory was a sure thing.

Now Donald Trump, a man she despised, had kept her from getting the one thing in life for which she still had a burning desire. She could not allow his election to stand. While the votes were cast on November 8, the election isn’t final until the electors votes are counted before a joint session of Congress on January 6, and the states do not submit the ballots of their electors until December 19.

So between November 8 and January 19, there is plenty of time to steal an election. The last election that was stolen occurred in 1960 when Kennedy became president with the help of dead Chicago voters. As she tossed in her bed that night, Hillary must have wondered if the dead could rise up again and overturn the results of this election. It was time to institute the backup plan. The election wasn’t over—with the Clinton’s it’s never over......To Read More.....

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