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Friday, November 18, 2016

Hillary’s Enablers

Editor's note:  This was published in The American Spectator on October 18, 2016, and now that we know the outcome, I think this is worth repeating. 

Stephen Moore


  1. Well, Rich, Are you happy now, with Bannon in charge of the White House, sitting on critical committees, crafting the executive orders for Trump? Bannon who has published his belief in the Fourth Turning and how he wants to "deconstruct" the entire federal agencies, start a war with China and N Korea, etc. etc. Just curious.

    Clinton was never a perfect candidate, but she surely wasn't insane like the Trumpettes.

  2. Answering the first question - Yes to his crafting and implementing policy and deconstructing federal agencies....and in fact.....that's not far enough! We need to dismantle the federal government as we know it!

    The only Executive Departments that should be allowed to exist are: State, Treasury, Justice, Defence, Interior. The rest would be relagated to agency or bureau status or eliminated. As for the agencies and bureaus currently in existance.....( ..... an obscene number - they need to start trimming, combining or elimiating all of them. I would eliminate half in the first year and contuine on until they no longer represented a threat to the U.S. Constitution.

    As for Bannon saying he wanted to start a war with anyone. Did he say that or merely observe it's patently clear war at some level is inevitable in the South China Sea as a result of provocation by the Chinese. As for N. Korea - the nation is run by an insane president who is in fact an emperor just like Mao, but dumber.....much dumber....and an absolute military provocateur. He will cause destruction to rain down on N. Korea. And when it's over the vast majority of N. Koreans will end up being better fed, living longer healthier lives.....they and their children.

    Have you not been paying attention to what he's been doing there since Clinton gave him all that money and nuclear technology? You should have been must more worried about that than anything Trump or Bannon have said. Now the adults will have to clean up the children's mess.