Sunday, November 27, 2016

Praise for a Communist Murderer from a Rogue’s Gallery of Politicians

November 26, 2016 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty

Do politicians celebrate the life of Osama bin Laden? Or fondly remember the supposed contributions of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Workers Party? Or wax poetic about the memory of Pol Pot?

Maybe in some backwater of the third world, but no politician from a civilized nation would be remotely tempted to say anything nice about these evil people.

So why, then, are some of these clowns falling all over themselves to lionize one of the world’s worst people, the former communist dictator of Cuba? Why would any sentient adult say anything nice about Fidel Castro, a vicious and brutal tyrant who imposed such hardship on his people?

Yet there are people with this perverse degree of moral blindness. Including the head of the European Commission......To Read More....

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is dead - Actually, Castro was just another Latin American thug who came to power promising heaven and ended up creating a communist hell from which millions sought to escape.  But he became the darling of the left when he thumbed his nose at the United States. More

American media reacts to Castro's death - It's too much to ask liberals to open their eyes to the reality of who this murderous thug really was. More

Fidel Castro dies (Okay, you may smile just a little!) - The pop icon of bloodthirsty killers, drowner of desperate would-be escapees from his panacea of socialized medicine, and all-around authoritarian power-mongering cigar aficionado has finally gone to meet his...well, no one.  Worms.  Decay. More

A very hot place awaits Fidel - First, I recall the morning Batista fled and the expectations.  My mother serving us breakfast and my father on the phone talking about the future of Cuba.  More

Cuban Strongman Fidel Castro Dies - Cuba’s former dictator Fidel Castro has died, his brother and successor Raúl Castro said on national television late Friday, sparking mourning among some Cubans and celebration among exiles that fled his regime.  “With profound pain I am here to tell our people, our friends in the Americas, and the world that today…at 10:29 at night our commander in chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, passed away,” President Raúl Castro said in the broadcast ........

Fidel Castro’s Communist Example - He turned a developing Cuba into an impoverished prison. Fidel Castro’s legacy of 57 years in power is best understood by the fates of two groups of his countrymen—those who remained in Cuba and suffered impoverishment and dictatorship, and those who were lucky or brave enough to flee to America to make their way in freedom. No progressive nostalgia after his death Friday at age 90 should disguise this murderous and tragic record.  Castro took power on New Year’s Day in 1959 serenaded by the Western media for toppling dictator Fulgencio Batista and promising democracy. He soon revealed that his goal was to impose Communist rule. He exiled clergy, took over Catholic schools and expropriated businesses. Firing squads and dungeons eliminated rivals and dissenters........

Fidel Castro: Death-dodger - The mass murderer the left is lauding this week had a knack for getting his chestnuts pulled out of the fire. More

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