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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

What Good Are Honors From Such People?

By Rich Kozlovich
On Monday July 18th, 2o22 the "Pulitzer Prize Board Stands by Awards Given to NYT, WaPo for Russia Hoax Reports".   The correspondent who sent this to me commented:
They have zero shame and clearly don't give a rip about actual journalism, journalistic ethics, standards, or morals. They just like telling leftist fairy tales that push the agenda.

The author states:
In the last three years, the Pulitzer Board has received inquiries, including from former President Donald Trump, about submissions from The New York Times and The Washington Post on Russian interference in the U.S. election and its connections to the Trump campaign–submissions that jointly won the 2018 National Reporting prize......
Apparently, in spite of the evidence of history and the results of actual investigations that the Trump/Russia election interference charges were nothing short of a conspiracy by the Democrat party and their media allies was fraudulent and blatantly false, they're standing by their decisions for awarding both the New York Times and the Washington Post for their lying reports and reporters stating: 

“These inquiries prompted the Pulitzer Board to commission two independent reviews of the work submitted by those organizations to our National Reporting competition,” the board continued before announcing the establishment media outlets will keep their prizes.

According the them:

“The separate reviews converged in their conclusions: that no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes,”....In total, 20 articles were challenged with formal complaints. All 20 were ruled factual by the Pulitzer Prize Board......

This kind of corruption isn't anything new.  The fact of the matter is the news media became infested with communist agents going back to the beginning of the 20th century.  The faces have changed, but the underlying philosophy hasn't.  The mainstream media is corrupt to the core.  The New York Times support of Stalin during the 1930's when he starved millions of his people do death, is history.  History that's incontestable.  Their support of Castro, along with Don Hewitt and CBS,  was no less disgusting. 

Their Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Walter Duranty, did everything in his power to deny  Stalin's crimes against his people, even calling reporter liars who tried to tell the truth......and the New York Times leaders knew it, and so did all the other reporters who covered Russia.  Most of whom didn't have the guts to fight the good fight.  
Duranty was a Satanist, a deviate and a liar of massive proportions who worked to hide the fact Stalin starved five million people do death.  Dennis Behreandt demonstrates all this in his article, Duranty’s Lethal Lies.
I published this piece twice, Blast From the Past: What is the News Worth Knowing and Why Don't We Know It?, and has a lot about the corruption of the press and their embrace of murdering commie dictators, and prize winning lying "journalists" like Walter Duranty.   The prize that needs to be awarded here is the Walter Duranty AwardA prize for journalistic mendacity.   The New York Times is often called the Old Grey Lady, when in reality the New York Times is a Old Gray Hag, offering poisoned apples to the world. 

The thinking at the NYT, the Washington Post and the rest of these propaganda organs of the left, including the broadcast media, is irrational, misanthropic, morally defective and mentally deranged.  Just like the groups they support.  Mark this down. I predict the day will come when the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest will cease publication, but it can't be soon enough.  If it weren't for the "alternative media" we would still be being misled by these liars, hypocrites and traitors to humanity.
In the movie  K-19: The Widowmaker, the captain meets with what was left of his crew to honor those who died for their comrades saying: 
For their courage I nominated these men for the title of hero of the soviet union. But the committee ruled that because it was not wartime, and because it was merely an accident, they were not worthy of the title hero. 
What good are honors from such people?
The same question should be asked regarding the Pulitzer Prize Committee.  What honorable journalist would want honors from ones such as this? 


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