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Monday, July 25, 2022

The Left Was Always Lost

By Rich Kozlovich
On Jul 22, 2022 published this piece,  How the Left was Lost, saying:  
It all started in 2012........Yes, the Democrats have used January 6th as a Reichstag Fire to grow their power, punish citizens and present a litmus test to anyone who dares to question the results of the 2020 election. After the American people watched the Democrats and the media completely memory hole what happened in the Summer of 2020, most are looking at these hearings and the reactions to January 6th overall, as an existential crisis the political aristocracy has time and money to care about...........The Left was never the “resistance.” They were always the empire. You can’t be that rich, that power, and control almost every area of American culture from Hollywood to book publishing to media to science and big tech and not be the empire. Trump’s side was the “resistance” and still is.

This is a great piece about why any sane person stops being a Democrat.  She outlines just how destructive to the nation, and the world, the Democrats and the left have become.  Yet, while she explains why she's "not a Democrat", she fails to explain why she's still a " left wing progressive".  

She's smart, insightful, knowledgeable, observant, and articulate.   However, people like her have a screw loose.  No matter how much they may get right, they're still blind squirrels who just happened to stumble on to an acorn.  They unending fail to understand they're a much of the problem as the outright radicals because she and her ilk are the ones who usher them into power since they're the sea of support in which the radicals swim.   

Another example of how ideology makes smart people stupid.
When David Horowitz attacked Diana West and her book America Betrayal, after initially promoting it, (which is why I bought and read it, and I recommended reading it) he did so because his buddy historian Ronald Rodash (usually described as a conservative but that's horsepucky, and I find him to be contemptible) was against her, I posted a comment about both of them saying, you were both communists at one time, growing up with communist parents, and while you're opposed to the left now you still can't come to admit FDR was a traitor, which was clear from West's book.  The FDR administration considered the most enemy infiltrated government in history, and we're supposed to believe he was oblivious to that?
This is the same mindset I see here.  They just refuse to see it's their irrational philosophy that brought the Democrat party and the nation to where we are now, and that will never change with leftism.  It's insane, it's irrational, it's misanthropic, it's racist, it's anti-Semitic, it's filled with hate, lies, envy, greed and it's foundational philosophy is predicated on violence. 

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