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Friday, July 22, 2022

Why the Church Bells Ring at Noon

July 22, 2022 By Raymond Ibrahim

Today in history, on July 22, 1456, the West scored one of its greatest victories over jihad — and, in so doing, inaugurated the ringing of church bells at noon.

Three years after conquering Constantinople, the Ottoman sultan, Muhammad II, at the head of over 100,000 Turks, marched toward the strategic fortress town of Belgrade, key to Western Europe, in the spring of 1456.

Cognizant of all the death, destruction, and mind-boggling atrocities this massive Muslim march presaged — memory of the sack of Constantinople was still fresh — a great panic swept through the Danube region.  Even Hungarian king Ladislaus V fled his capital to Vienna (on the pretext that he was going "hunting").

Only one stood his ground: John Hunyadi, the Transylvanian voivode who had long been a thorn in the Turks' side.  Even as the king fled west, Hunyadi raced to the eastern frontier — toward, not away from the Turkish army.  He immediately manned the fortress of Belgrade with 6,000 veteran fighters at his own expense.  Although he implored the higher nobles for aid, few were responsive........To Read More....


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