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Monday, July 25, 2022

Here is The Data to Prove ‘The Shots Don’t Work!’

| Jul 23, 2022 |  

In This Special Report

  • Nationwide, there are just under 12 Million Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Cases where the shot failed to prevent infection. An increase of more than 10 Million failures in less than 7 months and with only a handful of states tracking this crucial data. 
  • There are just over 276,000 Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Hospitalizations where the shot failed to keep people out of the hospital. The average cost per hospitalization? An average of $74,591 to $317,810 per person, according to
  • There are over 56,000 Confirmed Vaccine Breakthrough Deaths, proof the shots don’t save lives. How many of the supposed COVID deaths were vaccinated? If the CDC knows, they’re not telling.
  • The CDC stopped reporting all vaccine breakthrough data in October 2021, not coincidentally, just as vaccine breakthroughs began skyrocketing. 
  • At the peak of state reporting in February 2022, there were only 26 states reporting vaccine breakthrough data. By June 2022, that number had dropped to 17 as nine states decided to terminate all breakthrough reporting despite the urgent need for this data. 
  • While many states like Florida refuse to report any vaccine breakthrough data, some states like Colorado decided inexplicably to switch from reporting vaccine breakthroughs to reporting a made-up statistic never used before called vaccine efficacy, and other states like Texas and Massachusetts stopped reporting altogether. 
  • Maryland & Utah are actually doing an excellent job of publishing vaccine breakthrough data and demonstrating clearly that the majority of cases and hospitalizations are in the ‘fully vaxxed’ compared to the ‘unvaxxed,’ proving the shots don’t work.
  • How’s your state doing? See the PDF below with individual state data and references. 

THE SHOTS DON’T WORK!.............To Read More, Much More.....

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