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Monday, July 25, 2022

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich

The left is doing a real balancing act trying to decide which crisis to push: The false narrative on global warming, which was the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity, or the false covid pandemic, which turned into the worst fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.   A tyrannical fraud that has cost the world dearly economically and socially destroying millions of lives.  These tyrannical vaccination mandates will seriously impact the lives of humanity negatively for decades to come. These false vaccines do not work, they're experimental, they're deadly and they are our thalidomide era. 

The nation is steaming ahead in the darkness of night and the question whether we survive is a valid one since now we have lunatics who've taken charge of the asylum, and here are directions the leftist propaganda machine will be driving the nation for the 2022 and 2024 elections.

  • Climate change is a national emergency, requiring unprecedented power for the Administrative State.  
  • RINO's will make public statements in opposition to Trump and anything that promotes Make America Great Again.  All in support of the Deep State. 
  • Continued censorship of the media, by the media, and at tyrannical level destroying freedom of speech, and
  • The continued promotion of this pandemic hysteria with more vaccination mandates. 

 Big list today so, enjoy!

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