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Friday, July 22, 2022

P&D Today, and Yesterday

By Rich Kozlovich

Political Cartoons by Al Goodwyn  

I didn't post a P&D Today yesterday as I was working hard on an outside project and just lost track of things, so I'm listing both Thursday and Friday today.  This "thought for the day" comment came in from my friend Paul, who's one of the correspondents from my e-mail group.

The progressive dictionary:  
"Bipartisan" - I want you to agree with me. 
"Divisive" - you want me to agree with you.

It's what I call "the basics", meaning to see things clearly you have to define things clearly.Defining things properly leads to clear thinking, which leads to understanding.Then, and only then, can you have good decision making. Something I see far too little of among those in leadership positions who profess to be "conservatives".

We have to know the difference between compromise and capitulation.Entirely too many fail in that basic understanding. No one said leadership, or standing up for what's right was supposed to be easy.

John Hunyadi, demonstrated what's possible against unimaginable odds in the siege of Belgrade in 1456 against the massive forces of the Ottoman Empire, right after they conquered Constantinople.    Western civilization was saved by these people and later by the Polish King Jon Sobieski at the siege of Vienna in 1683 because they understood what was at stake.   Islam wanted to destroy the Judaic/Christian culture of Europe. 

Today the western world is facing two implacable foes.  Islam and leftism, both of whom wish to do what the Ottoman Empire failed to do hundred's of years ago, destroy the Judaic/Christian culture of the western world.  Their biggest allies are the people of these nations who've already abandoned those values and embraced leftism, which means they believe in nothing, and everything, with no stable moral foundation as a touchstone. 

At any rate, the list for both days is small starting with: 

My commentary: 

 Followed by these commentaries: 


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