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Thursday, July 28, 2022

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Here were some comments to articles dealing with the insanity of what's called the Biden Administration from various news sites I saved and organized below:

We have a Democrat President who is slipping into dementia.  We have a Democrat majority in the House and the Senate. "How stupid do they think we are?" They have every right to believe a majority of voters are dumb as a stick. A fact already established. Yes, we can't forget, the (stupid) US voting public put us here.  They did this because:

  • Lousy public education system
  • Celebrity influence
  • Technology as controlled by the few, who happen to be mostly left-wingers. 
  • College educated white women who vote their feelings without bothering to check their brains.
  • A Republican Party that has no stones. 

The Democrat Party is a consortium of freaks, traitors, misfits, welfare beggars, globalists, communists, perverts, nihilists, abortion fanatics, race hustlers, and so on. Their numerous factions have nothing in common with each other except a lust for power. 

Some of them know they’re causing inflation, and they like it because they like anything that hurts America. 

Some of them are idiots and honestly have no idea how and why inflation happens. 

 Some of them are in single minded pursuit of some goal such as wrecking the Supreme Court, and they honestly don’t care a particle about inflation. 

The rest care for nothing but keeping the Democrat herd together.

Now there are some who might think that's unkind, but is it the truth?  That's a question everyone needs to ask and answer, since the truth isn't kind or unkind, it's just the truth. 

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