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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Medical Tyranny, Wokeness, and Economic Collapse Are All Tied Together by the Liberal World Order

There are several dangerous threats to society that are popping up at the same time. This is by design. Today, I discussed three of the biggest issues and why they work from the same game plan.

JD Rucker Jul 26

The reason the Liberal World Order has its tentacles in so many arenas is simple. Against one existential threat, we can easily prevail. But when we're faced with what we believe to be disparate challenges, we're being divided as they attempt to conquer us. Recognizing that everything is tied together is important as we move forward to save this world and preserve American exceptionalism against the powers-that-be.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show (Rumble, Brighteon, Bitchute, Apple Podcasts), I explained why we need to take the totality of the plan to push us into The Great Reset and address it as a whole............All of it ties back to the goals of the Liberal World Order. Whether you call it The Great Reset, 4th Industrial Revolution, Build Back Better, or any of the various labels they change like colors on a chameleon, it's all one giant conspiracy. 

Medical tyranny has been on the backburner........... It's ramping back up now...........The Great Reset must be assumed as part of a unified plan by the Liberal World Order...............COVID QR codes now and we can assume this will spread to other countries......[economically] they need a foundation to be destroyed. For them to have The Great Reset, they need collapse...........

We desperately need to start treating all of the various threats to our nation as part of a master plan. They're keeping us divided by hitting us from multiple fronts. They push patriots in different directions just as they point their leftist underlings toward their own demise. Stay focused and keep fighting the good fight. We really do have opportunities to stop them if we recognize the bigger picture here..........To Read More....Much More....

My Take - There's more discussion in this piece about the deliberate efforts to destroy the American culture and the American economy noting that Black Rock Asset Management, part of the Wokeness investment world, and is the world’s largest asset manager, lost $1.7 trillion in clients’ money this year.

Halting the Madness - It is time for all Americans to wake up and realize that we face a series of serious crises at home, and things, having been of control for decades, are now deteriorating to an alarming point.   

 'I see the bad moon a-risin' I see trouble on the way - By Silvio Canto, Jr. ->By Friday, we will know a lot about the U.S. economy.  We will have a better idea of what John Fogerty meant by "I see the bad moon a-risin'." Maybe we won't see "earthquakes and lightnin'" but bad economic reports are apparently coming.  Of course, if we see earthquakes and lighting then they'll blame that on fossil fuels.

 ESG Is a Globalist ‘Scam’ Meant to Usher In ‘One World Government’: James Lindsay By Cindy Drukier and Tom Ozimek July 24, 2022 - James Lindsay, author of “Race Marxism” and other books challenging woke narratives, has taken environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores into his crosshairs, calling ESG a weapon in the hands of “social justice warriors” to shake down corporations and a tool in the hands of those seeking to impose “one world government.”...........Worse still, he argued that, over time, ESG scores have been hijacked and “weaponized” by “social justice warriors.”................“In fact, it’s racketeering is what it is, is just criminal racketeering, using what looks like a responsible measurement tool as the mechanism. So nobody’s directly responsible for engaging in what is really a mob shakedown of corporations,” he argued.... 

Americans Likely to Be Tracked for CO2 Emissions Under SEC’s New Climate Rule: Consumers’ Research - By Harry Lee and Paul Greaney July 24, 2022 -  Will your CO2 emissions data be collected and reported to the government in the near future? A consumer rights group said that a new rule proposed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would lay the groundwork for doing so. On March 21, the SEC proposed a rule titled “The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors” (pdf). The nearly 500-page rule would require SEC registrants—mostly public companies, investment advisers, and broker-dealers—to report certain climate-related information including their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...........

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