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Sunday, July 31, 2022

In Chicago, a district attorney quits, saying he can't work in an office 'I don't respect'

What is it about far-left wokester district attorneys and the chaotic way they run their offices? We see this a lot. Here's the latest bit of such evidence from the office of one of Soros's finest, Chicago's radical district attorney, Kim Foxx:...............The man said he wished he could stay, but that was impossible, because not only did he have "zero confidence" in Foxx's leadership, but he couldn't work for an office "I don't respect." .............It comes on the heels of an entire police force resigning from a North Carolina town after a wokester city manager made working conditions unbearable for the related field of law enforcement, and just weeks after voters in left-wing San Francisco voted to throw San Francisco's wokester district attorney, Chesa Boudin, out of office, in a move that was preceded by mass resignations from the working district attorneys there.  There also have been mass resignations from Los Angeles's Soros-backed district attorney, George Gascon, who faces a recall of his own...........To Read More....

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