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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

P&D Today

I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it........... I've met many journalists who impress me with their ability to play it straight. I think they're the exception to the rule.  Andrew Breitbart

By Rich Kozlovich

 Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

As I read the news I can hardly believe my eyes.  The absolute insanity these misfits pour out is mind boggling.  There is no way they can possibly believe the things they say and promote unless they're insane.  At any rate, another short P&D Today with just five commentaries.

  1. First, my own, What Good Are Honors From Such People?, outlining the corruption of the media, and how they award and honor their corruption.  The days of honoring themselves is coming to a close. 
  2. Then I'm still on the DDT wagon, and will always be, with CFACT's Vijay Rai Javari and his article, Children die when ‘eco-lies’ disrupt the war against mosquitoes.
  3. This is followed by CFACT's President Craig Rucker with this eulogy for his friend, Dr. Patrick Michaels — Great scientist and friend.
  4. Dan Mitchell explains taxation, and it's a good piece, with Taxation 101.  
  5. Finally, last but by no means least, another great piece by Francis Menton of Manhattan Contrarian regarding the fraud of anthropogenic climate change, When Will They Figure Out That Reducing U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Is Pointless?  

More tomorrow, so, until then, my very best wishes to all people of good heart and sound conscience, those people who run to the fire when everyone else is running away from it. 

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