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Friday, July 22, 2022

Black Lives Matter: Black Supremacists

By John Leonard 

On July 14, Minneapolis police shot and killed twenty-year-old Tekle Sundberg after a six-hour standoff that included multiple shots by the "victim" being fired into the apartment of a young woman and her two small children.  This was because Tekle Sundberg was trying to kill her.  Yet according to attorney Ben Crump, Tekle was a "smart, loving, and artistic" young man "experiencing a mental health crisis."  The photo accompanying Crump's call to action showed Tekle wearing white, the color of innocence, while smiling for the camera.  However, a second photo in the Twitter feed displayed another side of Tekle's character as he held two pistols and a bag of contraband while playfully posing for the camera.............Black Lives Matter: Black Supremacists -

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