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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

At a Glance

By Michael Fumento July 2, 2020

US Daily reported COVID-19 tests through June 29

At a glance, why U.S. Covid-19 "cases" are increasing. With C19 a "test" is labeled a case, notwithstanding that the vast majority of positives have absolutely no symptoms. So the more you test, the more "cases" you get. Yet "curiously" deaths continue to drop. 

No, the epidemic is not getting worse; it's improving.  Media coverage, on the other hand.....

My Take - This observation is two years old, and while there are those who test positive and actually are sick, the vast majority are not, and we have to finally get this.....we will have people get sick from this virus from now on, just like we have people getting sick from the flu every year and tens of thousands dying.  

This virus has a 99.7% recovery rate.  If that's true, and it is, why did the world's governments turn this into a international health crisis with destructive mandates, false vaccines and tyranny? 


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