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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Great Green Conspiracy

Gil Gutknecht Gil Gutknecht Jul 25, 2022

A big attaboy to Senator Tom Cotton. He is among the first in Washington to begin sounding the alarms about something most Americans have never heard of. It’s the Environmental, Social and Governance system, or ESG for short. This is the spawn of radical environmentalists and woke Wall Street wolves. It is slowly eating away the foundations of our economic system. It’s a major reason that sky high energy prices won’t be going away for a long time. 

ESG is a rather subjective (political) rating system designed to measure a company’s commitment to a green future. A cabal of big money managers use it to deploy capital toward “good” companies and away from “bad” companies. The activists have turned fund managers and bankers into enforcers of their green agenda. So a wildcatter looking for funding to drill new wells in North Dakota or an energy company upgrading pipelines will find financing harder to get. A coal-fired power plant in Utah suddenly finds it nearly impossible to get insurance. 

It is a quiet conspiracy. It’s pernicious. It is a virulent strain of woke capitalism. Should it be illegal? Imagine if the big oil companies conspired similarly to limit production and keep prices high. That’s essentially what the practitioners of ESG are doing..........The Great Green Conspiracy

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