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Monday, July 25, 2022

Candidate fired for 'gross misconduct' for voicing Christian faith

'We have never seen a case like this which sends a crushing message'

 Bob Unruh By Bob Unruh July 24, 2022 


A fight has erupted in the United Kingdom over the speech rights of individuals after a candidate for mayor was fired from her post with a housing organization for expressing biblical views on marriage.  The case involving Maureen Martin, 56, from Lewisham, London, is being handled by the Christian Legal Center. Her lawyers explained she was fired from her post with a housing association, L&Q, for "gross misconduct."  The case apparently is the first of kind to see a political candidate fired from her employer over her Christian faith...................Candidate fired for 'gross misconduct' for voicing Christian faith

UK Christian Minister, Former Mayoral Candidate Fired for Saying Marriage Is ‘Between a Man and a Woman’ - After she lost her job for supporting biblical, heterosexual marriage, a London-area woman is fighting back. Maureen Martin is suing the housing association that employed her for 13 years, saying it essentially cancelled her because of her faith.  Martin, 56, is also an ordained Christian minister and president of the Christian People’s Alliance, a U.K. political party based on biblical values. This spring, she ran as a mayoral candidate in Lewisham, near London.

Canadian Pastor Gets “Total” Win In Court – “Jail Time…Censorship…Fines Against Him Were Illegal” - Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski was targeted by Canadian authorities for holding church services during the COVID pandemic.  He was arrested............He just got a major win in court.  The Alberta Court of Appeal just ruled that the two-year persecution of him was illegal.........More Here.......

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