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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

COOL IT: Al Gore's Latest Global Warming Remarks Are Why This Issue Goes Nowhere

Matt Vespa @mvespa1 Jul 25, 2022 

I'm not complaining that this issue goes nowhere. No one cares. If CNN and MSNBC obsess about it, you know that actual voters don't care. The liberal elite is not the majority, nor are their pet issues real emergencies. They cater only to the white, educated, wealthy progressives who infest the cities. How often have we heard we're all going to die, and nothing happens? 

The Arctic Ice Cap was supposed to disappear by 2013. I remember being in AP Environmental Science class in 2007 and hearing these predictions. By 2013, the ice cap was still there and grew by 533,000 square miles. These same global warming clowns are the ones who also said in the 1970s that "global cooling" was going to kill us all. Periods of re-glaciation were going to overtake the North American continent. Newsweek had the piece. Still, these folks want us to gut economic progress and sacrifice our wealth on their hunch again. Nope. We're not going to do that—the American people have been clear. And no, I'm not going to drive an electric car, which also needs fossil fuels for charging. 

But the messaging has been soaked in condescension and just bad comparisons. Al Gore, Mr. Inconvenient Truth, decided to smear all of us as the Uvalde police department for our intransigent position that we shouldn't destroy the American economy. Mr. Gore, did you think this would change minds? (via Politico):.............COOL IT: Al Gore's Latest Global Warming Remarks Are Why This Issue Goes Nowhere

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