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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

What's REALLY behind today's youth transgender craze?

'Child sexual abuse on a scale never seen, or even imagined, in America'

By WND Staff  Published July 26, 2022

First of all, the forbidden truth has to be stated clearly and unequivocally: It is impossible for a male to become a female, or for a female to become a male. Period.

Virtually the entire human race recognized this obvious truth from the beginning of human life on earth until around 2013. That’s when the powerful LGBT lobby pressured and intimidated the notoriously weak-kneed American Psychiatric Association into de-pathologizing gender identity disorder in the fifth edition of its “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (so-called “DSM-5”), psychiatrists’ official “bible” for diagnosing mental illnesses.

Thus was transgenderism or transsexualism, until then a vexing mental disorder, suddenly declared to be perfectly normal, as virtually the entire “mainstream media” exuberantly reported at the time.

Except it’s not. “The science” regarding gender couldn’t be more clear and incontrovertible: Almost all of the 30-40 trillion cells in an adult male’s body are permanently encoded with XY – that means MALE – chromosomes. So changing one’s first name and pronouns, wearing women’s clothing, growing one’s hair long and taking estrogen – even having one’s private parts surgically mutilated – does not transform a man into a woman. Likewise, though a woman cuts her hair, has her breasts amputated and receives testosterone injections, she does not magically morph into a man............What's REALLY behind today's youth transgender craze?

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