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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Cannibal Communists Crave Kids

"Climate-cultists, commies, groomers, lend me your ears; I come not to bury billions, but to eat them."  Sounds like a rollicking 2024 Democrat convention speech to me.  First the demon Dems went out of their way to kill the children.  Then they set their hearts on grooming them for dates.  Now they want to eat their flesh as part of a sustainable diet.  Democrat debauchery is spiraling out of control faster than a pill-popping Joe Biden at a child-sniffing contest.  I tell you, maybe there was more to that Pizzagate conspiracy than I realized!

From vegan diets to bug-eating to cannibalism in the space of months!  What's next?  (Don't answer that question; I'm not ready.)  Just what were all of Jeffrey Epstein's New World Order clients getting up to on pedo-island?  (Nope, don't answer that either; I can't take it.)  There was a time when the numerous rape allegations against Bill Clinton seemed shocking.  Leave it to Democrats to celebrate such aberrant, abhorrent behavior that Clinton's crimes are rendered just an amuse-bouche before the cannibal communists' pervy, gut-wrenching main course.

A Great Reset that is intentionally unleashing life-altering inflation, mass illegal immigration, child sexualization, and societal disintegration is a conscious attempt to crush Western civilization and drag humanity back to a darker, more dreary age.  Do you like windmills?  So did your distant ancestors during the Middle Ages!  Do you think of mass starvation as more of a season than a rare tragedy?  So did every generation of humanity right up until the recent Industrial Era!  Do you worship Mother Earth, interpret bad weather as punishment from the gods, and view human sacrifice as absolutely necessary for a good harvest?  So did the Green New Deal Aztecs of Mesoamerica!  Look at you — you're so "diverse" and "multicultural"!

Build Back Better isn't a political platform; it's a playbook for returning humanity to a state of early death and enduring misery.  It's pure black magic, a pagan ritual spilled out into the open and cursing all it touches.

Consider what leftism reaps:................Green New Deal communism is leading the world into a massive food and fuel shortage that will take millions of lives, and Biden's petulant politburo is as giddy as a devil's den of mass-murderers aching to unleash a wave of war, pestilence, and famine across the planet in the name of "progress."....................

First the Democrats stole children's education.  Then they stole their innocence.  Then they stole their futures.  For good measure, now they're grooming them to live on Soylent Green without even hiding its ingredients.

Maybe it's time for the youth of the world to wake up and realize that they've been played as pawns in a dangerous, diabolical game.  Maybe they need to think twice about who their real friends are — the ones promoting human freedom or the ones demanding human slavery.   Maybe now's the moment for the young to begin questioning everything they're told before it's too late.  ...........To Read More......


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