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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Yes, It Was Voter Fraud that Gave America an Incompetent, Corrupt and Mentally Impaired President!

By Rich Kozlovich 

First, let's dispense with all these little shots "journalists" take at Trump and his "fraudulent" claims of voter fraud.  It was real, it happened! It happened massively! It was a nationwide conspiracy! And they're working to make it happen again in November.  And if Trump is re-elected in November 2024 he needs to find a mad dog in a meat market for an Attorney General that will go after these people and put them in jail.  

The Democrats deliberately ran the least obnoxious of their candidates who could beat Bernie Sanders. Sanders was clearly sailing to the Democrat nomination, and was unelectable in their view.   So they ran a man they knew was stupid, incompetent, stunningly corrupt, totally compromised, and was suffering from some degenerative neurological disorder, with a Vice President that was equally incompetent and stupid.  Why?  They both could be controlled, and they needed to stop Trump from dismantling the Deep State, and they were supported by Republicans who have been part of that cabal for decades, and I include both Bush Presidents and Richard Nixon, and their supporters.  

On July 19, 2022 Steve McCann posted this piece, The Left’s Blackmailing of Biden has Unleashed National Chaos, Stagflation and Systemic Uncertainty, saying

There have been forty-six presidents of the United States.  Among them have been the grossly incompetent (James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson), the unabashed racists (Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson), the scandal-ridden (Warren Harding, Richard Nixon) and a duplicitous Marxist ideologue (Barack Obama).  But none has been as susceptible and acquiescent to political blackmail as has Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. It has often been speculated what would happen to this nation if a truly compromised president who calculatingly succumbed to extortion from both domestic and foreign interests was elected.  The United States is presently experiencing that never expected and devastating eventuality................ his 48 years of grossly unethical and potentially illegal behavior and the Marxist century-old penchant for using political blackmail would determine his fate and that of the country during his presidency.   

He goes on to list all the destructive behavior of the Biden administration and the extremists who are clearly controlling what's going on, and if we're to believe what's being reported that he needs to be medicated before he makes a public appearance because without it he's childlike and clueless, he's not even aware of it and isn't in charge.  

And who really is to blame for this?

Patricia McCarthy in her post, Jill Biden got what she wished for and found out karma is a b….h, points out:

Anyone who watched the unlikely Biden campaign unfold as it did knows that Jill Biden, not-a-medical doctor, is largely responsible for the disaster that is her husband's presidency.  She, more than anyone else, knew that Joe was suffering from advancing dementia, yet she signed on to the far left's plan to exile Trump no matter what the cost.

Apparently she so desperately wanted to be First Lady she didn't care what the consequences were gong to be.  This is a lady who wants to be referred to as Doctor Jill Biden.  She has a degree in education, and according to some she received it after a "weak" dissertation.  Perhaps she felt she deserved it for putting up with this man she's been married to for all these years, who, if the reports are accurate, has some serious personal issues.  
The consequence has been bad and destructive policy for education, immigration, environmental issues, taxes and spending.  And now there's a backlash as now it's impossible for Joe and his cabal of criminals to fool everyone.  And the Resistance has started and growing, worldwide, and even the Democrats are attacking him, but it isn't just Joe that's their problem, he's the symptom.  It's they and their policies that are the problem for Democrats, and this isn't your grandfather's Democrat party.

In Holland farmers are fighting back against their government's insane rules.  All predicated on the fraudulent claims of climate disaster.  In Canada truckers protested, parents are outraged at the decisions of unbelievably arrogant members of school boards around the nation, and are kicking them out.  People are upset at the unnecessary rise in the price of gasoline, and restrictions on energy, facing blackouts this summer.  What happens in winter when there's no electricity to run the furnaces?  
Inflation grows daily which is a cancer eating away at the meat and bones of the economy and society, especially those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder, all of whom Democrats claim they care so much about.  Biden's answer?  Spend more money!  Money we don't have so we'll just print money without value constantly undermining the value and purchasing power of currency. 
Make no mistake, the Biden administration is filled with incompetents who have almost no experience in business, and not only are they clueless about trade, one writer calls them a ship of fools with 62 % having no business experience at all.  They've gone beyond the Peter Principle of being promoted beyond their competence level into criminality.   But it appears Americans are waking up.  Hispanics are waking up.  Blacks are waking up.  Parents are waking up.  Young people are waking up.  

When Obama was President I commented the person most happy about it was Jimmy Carter. That way he was no longer the dumbest President in history.  Well, that argument is over.  The Biden administration will go down in American history as the worst catastrophe America has ever faced because the real crisis in America isn't from external forces.  It's from traitors in charge of all the Departments of government, including the Department of Defense and the Justice Department, systematically destroying everything America is and was, leading the nation on a long march to nowhere.

..........schools preachCompanies insult their customers.  The Commerce Department destroys industries.  The CDC actively makes people sick.  The Department of Defense punishes soldiers who don’t bow to the ideological flavor of the month. Which lately involves cross-dressing.........Americans, being practical people, will sooner or later question the wisdom of supporting or retaining useless tools, or institutions.

All of which brings us to this question: What Planet are Biden Democrats From?

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