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Monday, July 25, 2022

We Are Coming To Put You Away

By ——--July 21, 2022

As little as a month ago, I was pretty pessimistic about the long term prospects of the United States of America.  However, recent developments have caused me to do a re-assessment of my previous position.  After 22 years of the lame stream media covering up and lying for the Marxist Democrat Party, their minions, and their oligarchs, a change seems to be taking place.  The media and some Marxist Democrats have been pushed to the point where they recognize the American public is not buying their shtick anymore.  The day of complete faith in the religion of sound and video bite fake news is over.  The gross lawlessness of the American federal government has exceeded the tolerance level of the majority of Americans, and the perpetrators will be punished in the mid-term election.  The gross lawlessness in many Marxist Democrat jurisdictions has also exceeded the tolerance level of the local population, and the worst perpetrators are already being removed from office.........To Read More.... 

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