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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Observations From the Back Row: Media Outrage and Hypocrisy

By Rich Kozlovich 

Today I've linked a number of articles dealing with the "fake news" and "The media is the enemy of Americans" issue surrounding President Trump. 

Of course the media is outraged - they're finally being called to task by someone everyone has to listen to  - the owner of the Bully Pulpit - The President of the United States, Donald Trump. 

He's called the media scum.  So have I and many others over the years.  He's called the media America's enemy.  So have I and many others over the years.  He's called the media liars.  So have I and many others over the years.  And the list goes on. 

But when newsies like me - and all these others - exposed their craven mendacity it may had some effect, but how much can only be guessed at.  While we may have gotten others to see what we've been seeing for decades we couldn't change a thing as long as the leadership play the game by the media's rules, i.e., they decide what's important, who's important, what's news and what's not news.  In short - someone is finally saying to them - you don't have the power to control the message by lying and get away with it any longer.  And that someone is the President of the United States who doesn't care one whit whether the media likes him or not.  Mostly because he's smart enough to know no matter what he does they're going to hate and villify them.  And he understands appeasers are like the prey eaten by crocodiles. 

He doesn't want money - he has more than he or his family can spend.  He doesn't want more power because he's got all he can handle.  He doesn't want prestige or he would have stayed out of this.  He doesn't want position because he is the "position".    And it's clear by his actions none of these things are of concern to him after he's out of office. 

I never liked Trump.  From the beginning of this election cycle I dismissed both he and Bernie Sanders as "perpetual" candidates looking to get some publicity.  And that's what they were.  Both of the were as shocked as I when it looked like they actually had a following and could take their party's nomination. We now know that couldn't happen with the Democrats because it was rigged.

But it was possible in the Republican Party, and it did happen in the Republican party, the party the media hates.  Not the party of rigged elections, but the party that allowed someone the leadership despised to become it's nominee because the "people" of the Republican party decided who was to be the nominee, not the party leaders.  And they picked a nominee prominent Republicans repudiated, and a number of them - including George Will - even wanted Hillary to win.

I said back then: Tell me how a man treats his wife, and in this case wives, and I will tell you who he is.  Well, I really hate being wrong, but I also hate not admitting to being wrong.  As I'm fond of saying.....that was a logical fallacy.  First, his life was an open book so he didn't have anything to hide and his reputation couldn't have been worse.  Secondly, I didn't take into consideration a man who was unstable in his married life can still be successful in business. 

If a man can be successful in business, he can be successful in politics, because both require good acting skills.  He never expected to be where he is and when it became obvious to him he might actually win the Presidency, I saw a change.  He's now come to believe he can save America from the socialists who've been working to destroy the Constitution, American capitalism and the nation.  An ongoing effort since Stalin sent his agents here to do so in the 1920's, and the Democrat party with FDR was instrumental in that infiltration. 

That infiltration included the newspapers, radio, Hollywood, the unions, academia and every department of the federal government, including what became the CIA.   Are you ready for this?  McCarthy was right.  His numbers may have been off, but based on what we know from the VENONA intercepts, perhaps not by much.  One more thing.  McCarthy's Senate committee only looked into communist infiltration of government.  It was the House on UnAmerica Activities Committee (HUAC) in the House run by the Democrats who went after Hollywood. 

Do you see the pattern?  McCarthy has been vilified for decades by the Democrats and their propaganda machine - the main stream media in the fifties, but actually the corruption goes back to before WWII.  During the war they even promoted Stalin and Russia as allies against Hitler, easily forgetting they were collaborators of Hitler invading Poland, the Baltic states and Finland. 

Donald Trump has taken them to task and they're outraged at being exposed as "alcoholics" of news.  Addicted to the power, prestige and privilege that's been bestowed upon them by themselves.  That's over with.  With the exception of  Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff, the Trump team won't play their game.

Trump's team is going to lay down the rules and the media will play by them or be out.  The main stream media is toast and the so-called alternative media is going to become transcendent because the alternative media doesn't need Trump and will say what they believe to be true without concern about pride, prejudice or privilege. 

Trump reminds me of me - "It's not about me, it's about the mission."  And part of his mission in saving America means destroying the traitors, liars, and charlatans of the media.  And the idea of a man who's played the clown saving America must he heady stuff for him, and that's how he sees his place in history.  The President who saved America.  With that as a goal: who cares what the media thinks? 

One more thing.  For those of us who remember when Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers we remember the media's, and the Democrats, outrage.  Reagan won, even against advisers in his own party and administration - and the net result?  The postal workers, who threatened to strike, didn't, and world leaders realized they were facing  a real man who was not to be taken lightly, and the Soviet Union collapsed. 

Don't kid yourself.  The world's leaders were aware Obama - and his administration - on their best day had a backbone of spaghetti and the mental and intellectual discipline of a child.  The world's leaders understand Trump and his administration is made up of adults who are smart, knowledgeable, tough and fearless. 

America's greatest threat durning the Reagan years was the Soviet Union.  Reagan's goal was to defeat the Soviet Union and he made compromises with the left in order to do so.  The world is going to change, and the left, which has been a threat to the nation for over a hundred years, is now the number one threat to the nation's continued existence.

Just as Reagan bested the air traffic controllers and brought down the Soviet Union, Trump is going to have to face down the media because his goal must be to defeat the left.   Trump must stay the course and expose the media for whom and what they are in order to accomplish that mission.

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