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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Famed Watergate Reporter says ‘Trump is an Enemy of the Truth’

By Philip Hodges February 21, 2017

The big news over the past couple days has been a tweet that the President sent out on Friday, in which he said that the fake news media is not his enemy, but the enemy of the people. Liberals all around are in an uproar. Senator John McCain aid that this is how dictators get started. CNN’s Brian Stelter was in shock. He said President Trump’s words were ‘toxic’ and ‘poison.’

“These actions and these words matter,” Stelter said. “His words inspire many people, but they instill fear in many others. His words are what won him the election. Words like ‘Crooked’ and ‘Build a Wall.’

He added, “Now, words like ‘fake news’ are part of a never-ending campaign. I would describe those words as poison.”............ Let’s not forget who started this ‘campaign’ against ‘fake news.’ It wasn’t Trump. Remember, the media blamed Trump’s victory on what they called ‘fake news.’ If Hillary Clinton had won, there would be no such thing as ‘fake news.’.........To Read More....

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