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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rove-Stupid: Bannon-Smart

C. Edmund Wright

When Steven K. Bannon commissioned yours truly in early 2015 to write the Breitbart series "Rove-Stupid," based on the 2013 book about Rove and the establishment, I realized that there was someone who loathed the Republican establishment even more than I. Previously, I was not aware this was even possible, but Bannon is like that.

He is full pedal to the metal, and more intense, singularly focused, and passionate than anyone you'll ever meet. We agree on most things, including the fact that Karl Rove was an accurate prototype for the incompetence, isolation, tone deafness, and corruption of the GOP-E -- even on issues where Rove was not specifically involved. That's why both this series, and my book, featured "Turd Blossom, aka Rove," in the respective titles........More

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