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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Entitlement at its Nastiest

By William Stauff February 27, 2017

Daily Mail, The Sun UK and The Mirror UK have all reported on a Migrant French Couple with 8 kids that has refused a FREE 5 bedroom home. Not only that, but they have refused a total of 3 homes offered to them.   They are currently residing in a 4 bedroom apartment; one bedroom is being used as an office.  The parents each have smartphones and  a laptop. There is a 60 inch flat screen TV and Sky HD box in their front room, plus a 52 inch television in their bedroom. Their children also have a TV and an Xbox with dozens of games. I guess that is where the nearly $55,000 they have received in government money has gone.

So why did they turn down the homes? Are they rat infested? NO. Are they eligible to be condemned? NO. The reason is because they NEED at least 6 bedrooms to be “comfortable.” If you’re not ready to chew nails yet, this might send you over the edge: The government also put them up for 2 months in a Hampton Hotel to the tune of over $47,000 with a room service bill of of over $25,000.......To Read More.... 

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