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Friday, February 24, 2017

Michelle Obama And Chef Tom Colicchio Form A Misguided Partnership

By Henry I. Miller and Jeff Stier February 22, 2017

Just when many of us hoped that we would soon be seeing the last of the Obamas, it appears that Michelle Obama will still be involved in what passes for public service in progressives' parallel universe. She has decided to partner with the far left-wing Food Policy Action Education Fund, a sister organization of the radical Food Policy Action.

In an advertisement video released in early January, Mrs. Obama intones, "What a wonderful world it would be if all the children had the nutrition they need." That is rich, given that at every turn her husband's administration obstructed new, innovative technologies that could have offered cheaper, safer, higher-quality products.

The three-year campaign, dubbed "A Place at the Table," is backed by $300 million in donated media, including TV, digital and print. It is a kind of sequel to the film documentary of the same name that chef and FPA co-founder Tom Colicchio helped produce (and that was co-directed by his wife). The nationwide campaign will be managed by another member of the left-wing, pro-nanny-state All-Star Team, Willy Ritch, former communications director for Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), a leading demagogue in the fight to politicize food........To Read More....

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