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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bad Trends Coming


I’m becoming a bit concerned that Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, is edging to the ‘dark side.’ Today’s interview (01/22/17), nay challenge, of Trumps Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, was a tawdry example of combatively exploring the trivial to energize the petty, in order to trivialize Donald Trump’s presidency by giving credence to pure nonsense. Who cares? The Leftists do!

The MLK bust issue, a chance opportunity taken by a pool reporter who “tweeted: “Trump ordered the MLK Bust removed,” because he, the reporter, couldn’t see it. It was purposely designed to start tongues wagging on the same level, or worse, as when Obama handed the bust of Winston Churchill back to the British Ambassador on his first day in office. If you can’t see something, wait for it. If it’s still not there ask about it before tweeting a “gotcha” to the world. I would suspect that guy will have his WH press credentials taken. Who needs him?

The media doesn’t understand Trumps push back on these small issues and so they waste valuable Sunday airtime talking about nothing. The same with the head count. In two more days, who will even care unless the media chokes themselves trying to keep it alive? The end result, Trump will still be president and the press will still remain untrusted.......To Read More.....

My Take - Yesterday I commented that I saw the Chris Wallace interview and what I said was:.......
"Wallace was an obnoxious jerk.  Constantly interrupting, talking over his guest, and pontificating his views. Outraged that anyone could say the media is an enemy of the people.  He was more like O'Reilly than a real journalist. Priebus ended up calling him a "real" journalist - hogwash - he's just as bad as George Will and Krauthammer- he just hides it better. But if he keeps it up he can be just as bad as Geraldo and Bob Beckel."
Here's my friend Maury's thoughts:
"this episode with Chris Wallace and was really surprised to watch him 'coming apart at the seams'. I've never before seen him so badly distressed over a trivial issue -- over nothing."
All this seems trivial to normal people, but when we look more deeply into this we begin to realize this is the number one issue facing the Trump administration.  What the media is trying to do is force Trump and his administration to give them veto power over his administration's actions, to make him look foolish, ignorant, and unworthy of respect, just as they did with the Bush's.  But when he tells the world they're the enemy - and they are - that destroys their power.  When he stands up to them they begin to see that power slipping away, and Wallace's obnoxious behavior demonstrates he's just like the rest of the media, only he hides it better. 

Just before Chris Wallace's father Mike Wallace died, Mike told his son Fox should stop attacking the left wing media because they were "patriots".  Well, so was Adolph Hitler and Joe Stalin.  But what we're they devoted to in their "patriotism"? 

Wallace, just like most media hacks, is just another liberal snake in the wood pile.  And when Priebus ended up calling him "a good journalist", and Wallace smirked - I almost gagged because that's what they want from this administration - fear, compliance, capitulation and crawdadding.  I don't know who made me gag the worse - Wallace or Priebus. 

Stop pandering to these trained seal talking heads!  Attack the media!  Don't back down! Don't give them an inch! Call them to task!  Tell the world what you really think of them as a whole and as individuals!  That's what they do, and they did so because they could get away with it, making them bullies!  But now we have the Internet, and they can't get away with the stuff they've been getting away with forever, Bullies have to be challenged, attacked and defeated, and that's now possible........and that's what people want.......period!

Stop the crawdadding!

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