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Friday, February 24, 2017

Nancy Pelosi showing signs of mental breakdown

By Thomas Lifson

Has Trump Derangement Syndrome affected the ability of Nancy Pelosi to perform normal life functions (for a politician)? Or is age finally taking its toll on her? Or have the laws of karma struck back at the party that claims that the 25th Amendment could be used to force President Trump out of office for "mental incapacity"? It is hard to say, but yesterday, Rep. Pelosi appeared to suffer a form of mental breakdown while speaking to a leftist support group, repeating words, choosing the incorrect word, and claiming that John Kasich is the Governor of Illinois. Kyle Olsen of The American Mirror spotted the signs of a breakdown, and edited a video featuring them, in Pelosi's address to Families USA, a left-wing group.......... More

My Take - I've no doubt she's losing it.  I will admit this is a bit over the top, but she's always been loony, always said stupid things......and let's face it.....she's and Maxine Waters are founding members of the Club For the Galacticly Stupid, so what else would you expect?  What I'm surprised at is someone is reporting it. The real question we should be asking is this:  If these two loons are the best and brightest in their districts is it possible their voting constituents are all dead or dumb as dirt?

Of course Pelosi, like Waters, is a gift that keep on giving, so maybe there's no reason to complain after all.  You  just couldn't conspire to get anyone that stupid to be stupid so often publicly if you tried.  Thank you Nancy, keep up the good work!  

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