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Sunday, February 26, 2017

NSA Wiretap Net Much Larger Than Previously Reported

By Joel Goodman, Townhall February 25, 2017
According to Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, who made public disclosures last week, NSA is routinely collecting millions of warrant-less telephone conversations and emails of American citizens.

Klayman, who previously founded Judicial Watch, stated that his client, whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who was an NSA/CIA contractor, has already turned over to the FBI 600 million pages of illegal intercepts of such people as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, other SCOTUS justices, over 156 judges, pre-president Donald Trump and prominent people. Unlike Edward Snowden, Montgomery was given immunity from prosecution after he took the files for the purpose of handing them over to the FBI so they could investigate the files' contents.......  Continue Reading.....

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