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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What is it With the Swedes?

By Rich Kozlovich

Editor's Note I originally ran this on June 20th, 2013, but with the current lack of historical memory and a typical failure in fact finding by the media I decided to re-post it.  You will note  - nothing has changed, and the media is just as clueless as ever.  And the left is just as disgraceful as ever. 

What is it with Scandanavians?  Are they trying to make up for having been Vikings?  If so, they need to get over it, because that was a long, long time ago, and I really don't think the rest of us care, but that is the only explanation I can come up with to explain their strange views.

On June 20, 2013 Bruce Bawer posted an article titled, Crime and Non-Punishment in Sweden” discussing rape in Europe, and specifically Sweden because it has become rampant there.  He discusses the gang rape of a fifteen year old girl by six minor Muslims.  Most of us would consider this a heinous sex crime deserving serious treatment by the criminal justice system --that is unless you live in Sweden. 
Let’s start with what would have happened to these rapists if they weren’t minors.  They might have had the full weight of the court system fall on them like a ….well…. bag of feathers and get four years, of which the actual time served would almost certainly have ended up being considerably less”.
Because Sweden has the second highest Muslim population in Europe the “incidence of rape has soared”, yet “Sweden has continued to treat rapists more leniently than pretty much every other country in the Western world.”  These minors were “sentenced to pay 55,000 kroner ($8,500) to the victim. In addition, all but one were required to perform a few days’ worth of community service.”
The media, being complicit in the multiculturalism scams being imposed on the world, largely failed to publish the names of these six sexual predators; “Amer Akrem Abdu, Jibril Adam Aden, Bashir Ibrahim Hussein, Mohammed Yassin Ben Lofti, and the sixth sexual predator was Mehmet Acaralp “who, by the way, describes himself on his Facebook page as “a proud Muslim”.  Like the others he received special consideration and “won’t have to do any “youth service” at all. Why? Two reasons were given. First, his family is homeless (or, at least, has no official place of residence, which may simply mean that they’re living in Sweden illegally); second, the court felt (and I’m not making this up) that poor Mehmet had already been punished sufficiently because somebody had posted his photo online – which, you see, will make it uncomfortable for him to attend school or go out at night.”
Is this what the average Swede believes constitutes justice?  I don’t know to tell you the truth, but one thing is clear; the country is being run by people who are more concerned about the feelings of a criminal religious movement than they are about their own innocent citizens.   It appears Sweden's leaders share the “guiding philosophy of Norway’s justice system is “that society is ultimately to blame for every crime, and that to put people away for a very long time is itself a terrible crime.”
He goes on to say that;
“Judges in both countries seem to be less scared by bestial crimes than by the idea that someone, somewhere, might ever suspect them for an instant of harboring anything so vulgar as a thirst for vengeance. To them, proper justice means striving magnanimously to heal felons’ wounded souls – period. Forget the wounds visited by these felons upon the souls (and bodies) of their victims; never mind the additional suffering inflicted upon these victims by a system so perverse in its motives and sympathies that it’s desperately eager to demonstrate its own generosity of spirit by releasing back onto the streets the savages who brutalized them.”
He continues saying;
You’d expect that decent, self-respecting people who’ve held public office in Sweden in recent decades would be ashamed of what they’ve allowed to happen to countless girls and women on their watch – ashamed to be part of a system that’s pampered rapists and covered up the scale of their transgressions……Yet for people in positions of responsibility to refuse to take responsibility for the welfare of the innocent – and for the appropriate punishment of the guilty – is, of course, a mark not of civilization but of the utmost decadence. By treating rape as an offense barely more serious than littering or jaywalking, Swedish legislators and judges think they’re modeling virtue, healing souls, giving a helping hand to misguided “youths”; in fact the proper term for what’s going on here isn’t “helping” – it’s “aiding and abetting.”
It appears to me that Swedish culture is so thoroughly screwed up they actually believe that people perform all these heinous acts because its their fault!  Do I interpret that correctly? After all….they are society.   They also believe that since “society is ultimately to blame for every put people away for a very long time is itself a terrible crime.”   Okay then, let’s see if I understand this correctly; it was the 16 year old girl's fault, not the six sexual perverts that attacked her.  Is that what I'm supposed to believe?
Well.....let me say this about can be really hard, but it's even harder when you’re stupid. I don't know who chooses these people as leaders, but anyone who is in a leadership position and takes these rapes so lightly should be embarrassed to be seen publically. These leaders are who are to blame for this because they have allowed a religious culture that is militantly criminal in its teachings - Islam - to run rampant within their nation.  Islam embraces a concept called “leitmotif”, meaning “We love death more than you love life”.
Is the problem in Sweden that people don’t know the truth?  Let’s take a look at this religion of peace.  Have Sweden’s policy makers (or those in the rest of the western world for that matter, including George Bush) really looked at Islam?  It isn’t obvious by their actions, or perhaps as Diana West says;
[They] must have only read the ‘good parts’ – the 124 verses of tolerance – that are rendered meaningless according to the rule of ‘abrogation’.  The rule of abrogation is the key that Islamic scholars use to resolve contradiction with the Koran.  By means of this doctrine, Koranic passages are ‘abrogated’, or canceled, by any subsequently ‘revealed’ versus that convey a different meaning.  IN other words, when there is a contradiction (e.g., don’t kill the infidel vs. yes, kill the infidel), whatever was ‘revealed’ to Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, more recently trumps whatever was ‘revealed’ before it.  This technique comes from Mohammed himself at the Koran’s sure 2:105 “Whatever verses we [i.e., Allah] cancel or cause you to forget, we bring a better or its like.” She goes on to say; “Tolerance” has been abrogated by ‘intolerance’.   Just to be clear: Islamic tolerance in the Koran has been canceled by Islam intolerance in the Koran. 
It’s clear they don’t know and have deliberately chosen to continue being ignorant - criminally ignorant - or should I say, criminally negligent.  
Due to this insane doctrine of “cultural sensitivity”, a religion that permits and promotes every vile criminal activity against non-believers Swedes are left with a “whitewash Islam or else”, policy.  This policy permeates the EU by statute.   Under the Lisbon Treaty the corrupt governing body of the EU became an international government of unelected bureaucrats that gave diplomatic immunity to the police of EuroPol.  
Diana West notes;
EuroPol polices the E.U. on 32 criminal counts, 2 of which are particularly interesting because they don’t’ exist in the penal codes of any other country.  One is “racism’ and the other is’ xenophobia’.     She goes on to say that those who “run the EU have already indicated that opposition to EU immigration policy, for example, may count as “racism,” while opposing further integration of Europe may trigger a “xenophobia” alert. 
Is it only me that thinks there is something seriously wrong with these people’s minds?  They are deliberately ignoring the reality of Islam; deliberately ignoring the reality of violence going on around them; undermining the safety of the citizens they are supposed to protect; destroying the culture that bred them.  Life is hard, but it’s really hard when you’re stupid.  How much harder it must be for those who are ruled by those who are clearly stupid, incompetent, and in my opinon - teasonous?   
One thing I am willing to bet on is this.  That 15 year old girl, who was savagely raped by six young men, and her parents don’t believe this vile act was society's fault.  At least I hope they don’t. 
I really don’t understand the Swedes because I find there is so much about Swedish thinking, like most leftist reasonings, seems completely illogical.  Mostly because all they believe and practice flies in the face of what is going on in reality.    We all need to understand this. Every issue has an historical foundation, and everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality. If what we see and are told fails either one of those criteria; it’s wrong! Sweden needs to ignore their media and their leaders. They need to start reading history books and pay attention to reality and believe what they see. 
There is one thing about Sweden that I am sure of however; Sweden’s leaders are the ones who should be prosecuted. 

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