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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Mainstream Media Have Forfeited All Respect

Steve McCann

While the media are protected under the Constitution, there is no obligation for the citizenry to pay heed or have any respect for the mainstream media as they are constituted today.   The inevitable conflict between the mainstream media and Donald Trump has come to boil just four weeks into his presidency.  The media are beside themselves that someone would castigate them at every opportunity and use hyperbole such as “enemy of the American people” and purveyors of “very fake news” to get under their skin, as their narcissism and sense of self-importance knows no bounds.  They fail to understand why they are held in such disregard -- polling has revealed only 32% of Americans trust the media (down from 55% in 2000) and why so many cheer Trump’s visceral attacks...........More

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