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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Nine Asylum Seekers Charged With Gang-Raping German School Teacher

By Michael Ware February 25, 2017

It seems evident that there is a problem, until last couple years it was unknown or at least unreported. There is an apparent disdain within Islam for women. This disdain is not only seen in the way they treat women as property to be bought and sold, or even the sex slave passages in the Quran.

The biggest indication of this comes from the fact that Islamic men are prone to rape. This is seen in almost every place that the Islamic asylum seeker goes. Further, it should be pointed out that this holds true for every point of origin.

Whether he is from Iraq, Syria, North Africa, every place that the Muslim comes from, he brings this propensity for sexual violence with him. The reason is that in Islam rape of non-Muslim women is not forbidden.  The recent trial of nine such asylum seekers is common practice then.......To Read More.....

My Take - And where's the outrage from feminists and the media? 

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