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Friday, February 24, 2017

Is a Chuck Schumer-Elizabeth Warren feud breaking out?

By Thomas Lifson

If I were Elizabeth Warren, I would have to restrain myself to avoid responding in kind to an insult delivered by her own Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer. More

My Take - This is just the beginning.  As things stand the Democrats have taken on a "band of brothers" mentality in an attempt to gain national party solidarity.  That's an effort in futility.  As the Trump team continues down the path of government de-volution any number of them are going to make changes in their positions because they're up for re-election in 2018.  But the big problem with the left is they're a coalition of divergent groups who often times have divergent goals.  The environmentalist versus the labor unions are an example.  But they also have way too many people who are egocentric big mouth buffoons like Maxine Waters spouting nonsense. 

By next year at this time this will be a party in total disarray  - back biting and bickering with each other as much as the administration - maybe more.  Get over it. 

And people like Shumer - whose power base is the radical left - is going to lead them into that quagmire.  Shumer, like Weiner, is not a nice man.  He's just as big a jerk as Weiner, but he knows how to keep his zipper zipped. 

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