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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Reminder to Conservative Trump Critics

Life is not served à la carte.

Ron Ross

onservative elites as well as some in the Republican establishment love finding fault with virtually everything Donald Trump says or does. There is almost a daily litany of what they know he should have done differently or not at all. They can always find something wrong with whatever he does.......

Jonah Goldberg, a devout never-Trumper, had a recent column entitled “The Right Can’t Defend Trump’s Behavior.” .........Goldberg doesn’t seem to grasp that if it were not for Donald Trump’s “unorthodox behavior” Hillary Clinton would now be president...........Conservatives who are offended by Trump’s style, personality, and tweets are akin to the campus snowflakes who need “safe zones” and “trigger warnings.” They are a bit too delicate and precious for the discomforts of reality. It’s time, however, for them to put their big-boy pants on and grow up........

Milton Friedman would sometimes ask his opponent, “What perfect solution on what perfect planet are you comparing this to?” That is an excellent rhetorical question. It’s a good way to bring someone back to reality..........ohn McCain and Lindsey Graham criticize fellow Republicans far more often and energetically than they do Democrats. With friends like these, who needs enemies? ...........To Read More.....

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