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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trump and the Media's Stockholm Syndrome

The rise in Swedish rapes and murders didn’t just happen "last night," but Trump is right that it is happening and that it is tied to the rapid and unrestricted influx of refugees from Muslim countries.

Daniel John Sobieski

The usual media suspects were aghast at President Trump’s mention in his Florida rally speech regarding unrestricted acceptance of refugees:...........Except for the fact that there was not much going on that particular night in Sweden, President Trump, who was conflating the steady descent of Sweden into a caliphate with a Tucker Carlson report on Fox News was exactly right. Europe is rapidly becoming Eurabia due to unrestricted immigration. Yet the media obsessed about the “last night” part, quoted allegedly “confused” Swedish officials, officials who have much to hide about their reckless policies, ignoring Sweden’s decline into radical Islamic terrorist hell. As reported on Fox Nation:.......Read more

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