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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Is This Morning in America or Twilight Before the Dark? By Rich Kozlovich

There were only three conservative Presidents in the 20th century, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan, and in my opinion the greatest President of the United States in the 20th century was Calvin Coolidge.  I highly recommend reading Amity Schlaes Book, Coolidge!  

Harding died in office and Coolidge finished his term, then one of his own, but Coolidge hated being President, and chose not to run for his second term in 1928.  That brought Herbert Hoover into the White House.  If Coolidge had run, he would have won, and we wouldn’t have had the Great Depression, and the massive federal bureaucracy created by Roosevelt.  A bureaucracy that has grown into a massively oppressive beast.

Coolidge felt there were three things needed by candidates if we expect good results from their service.  Character, ability, and experience.  We're not seeing much of that in many states.

The "red wave" is turning out to be a ripple on the shores of the nation.  Three of the most contemptible governors in the nation have been re-elected.   Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Tim Walz of Minnesota, of New York, who shares the guilt of Andrew Cuomo, all of whom should be tried for crimes against humanity for their behavior, all of whom are failures in the categories listed by Coolidge.  Then we have Fetterman, who's clearly mentally impaired and when he wasn't, he promoted insane policies.  So what did Pennsylvania do?  They elected him to represent them in the Senate.  Of course it could be worse, and it is. 

So, are we seeing "morning in America", or is it the "twilight before the dark"?  Daniel Greenfield noted Republicans do have a history of never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and I view Mitch McConnell as part of the problem, as he undermined conservative candidates.

People like Newt Gingrich predicted huge numbers to go Republican in the House, while I was expecting forty seats.  At this point they may only take 20 seats, and I thought they would take at least two in the Senate with a potential of five or six.  They might not even get two, and a corrupt lying leftist media has played a huge roll in that.

It's been reported Americans have lost almost a quarter of their life savings from their 401K plans in just 2 years.  Conditions are worse than any time in my 76 years.  Crime is rampant, and those elected to prevent crime are enabling it,  race relations are a disaster, economic and energy policies adopted by the Democrats will destroy the nation, immigration is turning America into France, the deep state is tyrannically acting in violation of the Constitution, the courts have lost their minds and the Democrats own all of that, and will never change.  And those responsible for this unfolding disaster are being elected or re-elected to the highest offices in the nation.   

So, what is about conservatism the nation finds so distasteful?

  • Apparently the nation resents conservatives views on the rioting by Antifa and BLM and love the double standard of justice adopted by the DOJ.  
  • Apparently society resents anyone who criticizes the defunding the police crowd and criticize those who wish to let violent criminals loose on society.
  • Apparently America thinks conservatives are irresponsible for demanding the government stop spending money we don't have, taxing the nation outrageously and printing money with no value.
  • Apparently America thinks conservative values on "Social Justice, DEI, wokeness, and ESG result in an effeminate military unable to defend our borders" isn't to their taste. 
  • Apparently America likes skyrocketing energy prices that conservatives claim is irresponsible.  And the nation must want to go back to living like primitives to appease global warming nitwits.
  • Apparently the conservative view that welfare and entitlement programs are out of control, people shouldn't be on welfare as a career and need to work, and being told this will bankrupt the nation isn't to their liking, truth notwithstanding.
  • And finally, America resents conservatives promoting capitalism, and really resent conservatives who insist the bureaucracy is a tyrant that is destroying the nation's freedom. 

What does America like? The Plan! 

Forced transition to "alternative energy".  An absolute loser, and easily proven to be such yet they continue to force it down everyone's throat.  They're destroying energy production knowing full well no advanced country can survive without ample, easily accessible and inexpensive energy.  And it's deliberate.

Socialists in charge of Biden's Council of Economic Advisers.  Leftists who have worked their entire lives to destroy America's economic structure.  Biden even nominated Saule Omarova, a Russian trained communist, as the Comptroller of the Currency, who wanted to have total control of the nation's currency by ending private bank accounts with all deposits go to the federal government.  

And America must really be in love with regulations, lots of regulations, otherwise how can one make sense of this midterm election's irrational outcome?

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