Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Media, Loony Leftists and Their Logic

By Rich Kozlovich

Do you remember when Trump was running all the loony leftists in the entertainment class threatened to move to out of the nation if he was elected?  Here's an interesting list of who they were and where they are now. 

Some of them threatened to move to Canada.  Some of them were already Canadians working for the big bucks in America, but they were willing to go back home as a sacrifice.  Yeah....right! Others like Cher were going back to their home planets and others just continue to display what complete obnoxious jerks they are, like Samuel L. Jackson.

But Miley Cyrus, who threatened to move, now says, "

Then we have the media. Isn't amazing how the word is considered a slur? Well, they acquired that the old fashioned way - they earned it.

"It now appears that Jussie Smollett may have made up the story of his attack. If true, it is disgraceful and, in my opinion, inexcusable.But let’s be clear. Just because one person lied about a racist and homophobic incident does not let all bigots off the hook. This is not a reprieve for anyone who has set a bomb off in a mosque or sprayed a synagogue with deadly gunfire."
There are so many logical fallacies in this article it boggles the imagination that someone like this has a job putting out opinion pieces.  According to her, this gay black man is wrong, but those who thought he was lying were more wrong?   And racism forced him to do this. 

So, all of this is whitey's fault and whitey, especially Trump voters, and whitey is evil?

I wonder what she thinks about all those whites who are attacked by blacks "playing" the Knock Out game, and who was 13 month old Antonio Santiago? I wonder if she ever took a look at the statistics as to who is attacking whom.  Make no mistake about it, blacks are way in the lead when it comes to racial violence, including against other blacks, and in fact, especially against other blacks. 

That's not bigotry, it's a fact. 

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