Saturday, February 23, 2019

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich

There are quite a few well known writers such as, Paul Driessen, Daniel Greenfield, Dan Mitchell, Mary Grabar, Michael Fumento, Steve Milloy, Steven Moore, James Delingpole, Jon Jay Ray, Joe Bast, Jay Lehr, John Berlau, John O’Conner, Henry Miller, my friends at CFACT, The American Council on Science and Health, and Mychal Massie who have given me permission to publish their work.

I'm reworking all the 22,000 plus posts and articles I've published in P&D since 2007 by adding tags in order to make them easier to find by topic.  There were only two in 2007, but there were 5284 in 2o16, and I'm only in 2011, where there were 366, but from 2012 on, it runs over a thousand each year and peaking in 2016.  Fortunately I started tagging in November that year. 

At any rate, in doing so I'm coming across some old articles worth re-posting.  Some are mine and some are not, but I think they're worth some time.  A large number of them I've reposted to my blog that is dedicated to the Sturctural Pest Control industry, Nuf Ced, you may wish to peruse those. 


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