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Saturday, February 23, 2019

A 40-Year Controversy: Baby Formula Does Not Increase Infant Mortality

By Chuck Dinerstein — March 20, 2018

Paul Gertler is an economist and expert on the impact of interventions on public issues, most recently in a working paper on his website looking at the effect of introducing baby formula on infant mortality. Paul Gertler is not a scientist, nor apparently are any of his co-authors. The paper is more screed than science.

There has been significant controversy about the introduction of baby formula in place of or to supplement breastfeeding in lower and middle-income countries, a controversy that peaked 40 years ago. To use baby formula, mother’s mix the powder with water so that using untreated, unsanitary water results in an unsanitary formula. Gertler “found,” in the sense that he calculated, that the combination of the introduction of formula and the “use” of surface water, the least clean source of water, increased infant mortality........To Read More....

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