Saturday, February 23, 2019

Thought For the Day

Regarding this article: Science publishes Left-coast loons’ organic ag propaganda - Expert panel calls for ‘transforming US agriculture’

Junk Science Editor Says: Science‘s decent into eco madness is almost complete. Modern industrial agriculture is the more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable option and currently protects vast areas of marginal lands from the plow through high productivity. As Science should know before printing this kind of irresponsible pap there is no serious support for the assertion “organic” food is more nutritious even for trendy Left-coasters, unless you count feeding their delusions.

Much worse, however, is the fact that there is not sufficient land in all the world to support the livestock or grow the humus stock that would allow “organic” agriculture to produce anything like the quantities of food enabled by modern agriculture and how would you transport and apply all that compost even if you could produce it? The only way “organic” agriculture can “feed the world” is to fit the population to low-productivity, high input, labor-intense agriculture. In other words these are just another bunch of misanthropic cranks out to trim the human population – in the name of “sustainability”, of course.

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