Sunday, February 24, 2019

Where's the left's outrage over Venezuelan dictator Maduro's slaughter of Indians?

February 23, 2019 By Monica Showalter

As the Covington kids incident illustrates, whenever there's an outrage, seemingly targeted at an American Indian, you can bet the Left is going to be right there denouncing the supposed perpetrator and sticking up for the Native Americans. Here's an old Mother Jones report that's likely to get the pub sued, waxing indignant about a phony claim of students taunting a Native American "Omaha elder." Mother Jones slathers the white guilt on thick.

Meanwhile, white-as-snow Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who played an Indian in the affirmative-action derbies to gain Ivy League teaching posts, now loudly claims to champion Native American causes............ But there are real crimes committed against Native American peoples, all right, in this hemisphere, and zero surprise: it's the work of socialists — which calls attention to a problem here: the Left's double standard.............. Read more

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