Sunday, February 24, 2019

History, Honor, and the Bladensburg Peace Cross Must All Stand

by Kerri Toloczko February 24, 2019

In the winter of 1917, Maryland resident Martha Redman said goodbye to her son William as he left her for the battlefields of WWI. He was killed in August, 1918 in Brittany. His remains were never returned to his mother.
Without her son’s body to lay to rest, Mrs. Redman conceived of a monument honoring all 49 WWI fallen soldiers from Prince George’s County. It would be on private land and built with money raised from citizens and politicians by other Gold Star mothers. In 1919, Martha personally broke ground for the Bladensburg “Peace Cross.” In a letter to her senator, she noted of her son, “our memorial cross is his gravestone.”
Now radical secularists are using the courts to try and destroy William’s “grave” and memorial to 48 other heroes, black and white, faiths unknowable..........To Read More...

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