Monday, February 25, 2019

P&D Today

By Rich Kozlovich

As I read through these posts I couldn't help but feel as sense of dread. At some point the administration is going to have to charge these people for the corruption they're perpetrated on the nation, including for treason.  Clarice Feldman's article is just one post among many today that should not only give us a sense of dread, but a sense of outrage also. The nation has gone insane with twisted leftist logic that defies any sense of justice or right or wrong.  There is no moral foundation to the left that will stand the test of time because the only moral foundation of the left is to do and say anything that will fulfill their insane desire for power to control everone's life.  Even if it means abandoning everything they may have stood for in the past. 

What can be next?  Civil War?  Don't say it can't happen.  The economic disaster they're trying to impose on the nation for their insane social justice issues will not bring harmony, and that's what the left wants.  The destruction of the American identity, the Amerian culture and the Constitution.

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Economics of the Left
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