Sunday, February 24, 2019

Putin Promises Hard Cash, Tax Breaks and Mortgage Relief for Families with More Children

David Reid, CNBC, February 20, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised tax breaks, mortgage relief and hard cash to support Russian families who produce more children.  Putin used his televised State of the Nation address on Wednesday to outline several measures he claimed would improve living conditions. Focusing on families, the leader said the first way to improve incomes was to reduce to the tax burden.

“The principle should be very simple—the more children you have the less tax you should pay,” said Putin.

The Russian strongman told the audience that he wanted to remove 5 square meters of taxable area from a family’s residential property for every child that they have. Land ownership up to 600 square meters would also be completely free of taxes.  Families with three or more children will also get one-time 450,000 rubles ($6,840) payment to help trim their mortgages..........To Read More...

My Take - Why is he doing this?  Because Russia's demographic pyramid is a mess.  That all critical 15 to 50 age group is far too small to support the nation's economy or it's military.  Russia is a hordesland nation with seven defense gaps that need to be manned.  Putin only has the manpower to defend three of them and two are around the Ukraine.  The special forces are first rate, but the rest of the army is far from adequate. 

His economy is a mess and the banking system is corrupt.  The nations is beset with alcoholism, drug addiction, drug resistant TB and AIDS, and they only have one commodity the world wants and needs, energy and the price of that's gone down.

He's read the numbers.  Russia is losing about .05% of it's ethnic Russian population every year and it's possible by 2040 they may be a minority in their own country.  That's why he's doing this, but will it matter?  No! Let's face it, Putin and his thieving, central planning crowd or thugs are the problem.  Russians see no value in bringing children into Putin's world.  


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