Monday, February 25, 2019

Why Leftists Love Stickin' It to Christianity

February 25, 2019 By Lloyd Marcus

A woman called the Rush Limbaugh radio show to ask why New York legislators shockingly gave legislation authorizing killing babies a standing ovation. Rush said the main reason is leftists hate Christians and traditional Americans. Rush said, “They love stickin' it to us.”

The Democratic Party has become extremely leftist. They hate America's Christian founding and all things wholesome and good. Their hatred comes from a spirit which is anti-Jesus Christ. Here Lloyd goes again suggesting spiritual forces are at work in the political discord............... Before writing me off as a Christian nut, please hear me out.

Democrat lawmakers in various states are pushing to legalize murdering babies on their day of birth and even after they are born. This is unquestionably, “spiritual wickedness in high places.”.............Obama's AG, Loretta Lynch, outrageously threatened to prosecute anyone caught speaking badly of Islam.  Take that, you Christians.............To Read More....

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