Friday, February 22, 2019

K-12: Reformers Needed

February 21, 2019 By Bruce Deitrick Price

Contemplate public education in America, and you will probably feel depressed.  Despite billion-dollar budgets, an army of employees, and endless promises, K-12 under-performs year after year. Tens of millions of Americans cannot read fluently, they can't do middle-school math, and they hardly know who won the Civil War.

Worse, a lot of our problems seem to be self-inflicted. Professors of education strive to erase proven methods devised through the centuries.  Instead, we get overhyped gimmicks (so much so that a 1953 book was forthrightly titled Quackery in the Public Schools).  Parents can't understand what's going on, but they know for sure they must constantly deal with bad outcomes.  Today's students need a lot of help with homework. Expensive tutoring services have become a routine burden for many parents......To Read More...

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